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Design concept for a café with bar in Falkensee

A design concept was developed for a café with the aim of creating an inviting and relaxed environment that is suitable for serving food during the day and for using the bar area in the evening.

The long, narrow dining room is divided into a café and bar area by a wall and a counter.
In the front area, a calm beige colour tone on the walls creates a harmonious atmosphere that harmonises with the wooden tables and the dark grey fabric upholstery of the benches and armchairs.
A floral wallpaper serves as a contrast and lightens up the ambience.

The rear bar area, on the other hand, is decorated in a muted, warm red, which picks up on the colour of the wallpaper in the café area and creates an atmospheric ambience.

The decorative moss pictures on the walls in combination with the wooden furniture give the room an organic texture and liveliness.

The lighting concept consists of a combination of different light sources to create both a functional and a cosy and inviting atmosphere for guests, with a track system offering the greatest possible flexibility.
Individual dimmable spotlights set the scene for the pictures and emphasise their details. Additional wall sections and floor areas are also illuminated. Filigree table lamps are placed on the tables and offer guests the opportunity to adjust the light according to their needs.

Design 1

Design 2

In the second design, an alternative colour and lighting concept was developed to give the bar area an elegant touch while retaining the natural atmosphere of the café area.

Here, the arrangement of the furniture in the dining area was retained as in the first design. The selection of tables and the bar counter were also retained. The seating was changed to upholstered wooden chairs, which form a harmonious unit with the benches and tables.

The natural beige colour of the walls was also retained in the café area and no contrasting wallpaper was used. Instead, the fabric upholstery of the benches and armchairs in a muted red colour creates an exciting contrast.

The moss pictures opposite emphasise the naturalness of the wooden furniture and create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

The colour concept in the bar area consists of a restrained anthracite grey in combination with matt gold plaster, which enhances the colour contrast with the café area and gives it a modern, elegant character.

The red fabric upholstery of the benches and the large-format moss picture stand out subtly in colour against the dark wall and give the room visual depth.

The lighting concept here also utilises a track system. Individual, filigree pendant lights directly illuminate the table surfaces for the guests.

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