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First Aid:
Immediate help for minor furnishing questions

Colour advice

Are you dissatisfied with your interior design or are you bothered by an unpleasant corner of the room? Or have you bought a new piece of furniture and don’t know how to integrate it into your interior?

Then the instant help for small furnishing questions is just what you need! Because uncomplicated and easy-to-implement solutions often provide a quick remedy.

The First Aid package includes:

Because colour is not just colour. If you are not sure which colours match your existing furnishings and the given lighting situation or simply want to change the colour concept in one or more rooms, this is your package. If you wish, I can also help you to make a decision with a 3D visualisation so that you can see how the new colour palette will look before it is implemented.

Duration: approx.  60 min
On-site consultation
Problem analysis with subsequent solution proposals in dialogue
Price: 129,- € (incl. VAT)

plus travel expenses of 0,50€ /km

Duration: approx. 90 Minuten
On-site consultation
Price per room: € 159 (incl. VAT)

On request with visualisation as photorealistic perspectives (additional 249,-€ incl. VAT per room)

plus travel costs of 0,50€ /km

Mini furnishing consultation
(Room up to 15 sqm)

Are you looking for expert advice on a new room concept?

The mini furnishing consultation is the perfect solution for rooms up to 15 square metres.

499,- € (incl. VAT)

Midi furnishing consultation
(room up to 25 sqm)

NaOf course, different rooms have different possibilities.

We’ll find the perfect concept for every room up to 25 square metres with the Midi furnishing consultation!

599,- € (incl. VAT)

Maxi furnishing consultation
(room up to 50 sqm)

The centrepieces of your living space deserve well thought-out furnishings.

Together we will work out your individual style, find the perfect colours and get the best out of your rooms up to 50 sqm!

799,- € (incl. VAT)

The Mini, Midi and Maxi packages include

  • On-site consultation
  • Style consultation
  • Colour consultation
  • Room concept (floor plan and 3D perspectives)
  • Product/style collage
  • Manufacturer recommendations
  • Purchasing assistance
  • An exposé with floor plan, 3D perspectives, product/style collage, manufacturer information and cost breakdown
  • plus a flat-rate travelling fee of €0.50/km

    Planning for kitchens and bathrooms is excluded from the prices quoted.

    Price on request


Shopping advice

If you wish, I can accompany you on your purchases and advise you independently of manufacturers so that you can buy the furniture, lights or accessories you want. I am also happy to assist you in your search for suitable antiques. The number of manufacturers is large and as there is an immense selection of products, it is often difficult to keep track of everything. This will save you time and allow you to focus on your other interests.

Price: 39,-€ / hour (incl. VAT)

Customised furniture

I would be happy to design customised built-in furniture as storage solutions for you, whereby the colours, materials, surfaces and details are tailored to your own wishes and individual requirements.

Price on request

All-in-one project support

The all-round carefree package for your project. From the initial idea through to realisation and aftercare, I will be at your side and work out a living concept tailored to your individual needs. With All in One project support, you save time, money and nerves thanks to professional advice right from the start.

  • Stress and effort are minimised by the initial needs analysis
  • The risk of bad purchases and buyer loyalty is reduced
  • Visibly improved room atmosphere and quality of life
  • Time savings thanks to tried and tested project support in phases
Price on request

Gift voucher

Give the gift of a personal interior design consultation

An interior design consultation is the perfect gift,
whether for a birthday, house move, Mother's Day,
wedding or Christmas - just get in touch!

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